Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fallen Trees Can Be A Headache!

Whether it is caused by a tornado, a hurricane, snowstorm or other nature disasters, a fallen tree on your property can cause a big stress and headache too! Here are some tips how they may help you deal with:

If the tree took down any power lines, call your utility company immediately. If it didn't, cover any holes the tree punctured in your roof or walls, then take photos of the damage to use when you file a claim.

If the tree fell on your house or to another insured structure on your property, file a claim, unless the tree is dead and rotting due to poor maintenance. The same goes if the tree is from a neighbor's backyard, and in that case, your adjuster might hold the neighbor responsible, freeing you from forking out a deductible.

Most policies cover up about $500 just for removal, or even double. So, call a licensed, insured arborist to do the work - and some will cut the tree into firewood for you for an additional fee. If you think you can cut it yourself, do it. But if you're not sure, call a pro!