Thursday, November 27, 2008

Problem Losing Weight? This Might Help...

According to Dr. David Ludweg, director of the Optimal Weight for Life program at Children's Hospital, Boston, he shares some effective strategies for helping you lose weight and keep it off. Basing on his study, he found out that the type of food, not just the amount plays a role in weight due to the fact that people vary in their ability to stick to diets. However, biological factors other than genes could also play a role.
According to his studies, people who secrete insulin slowly lost the same amount of weight when assigned to both diets; - conventional low-fat, high glycemic load diet (foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white flour) and low-glycemic-load diet (one that stabilizes blood sugar after meals). In contrast, people who secrete insulin rapidly and who were on the low glycemic diet lost 5x more weight, and kept all the weight off throughout the 18 months of the study.
When it comes to healthy eating, it may be unwise to recommend decreasing fat without adequate attention to the carbohydrates that replace them, and vice versa. An optimal approach may be a diet that pays attention to the quality of fats and carbs: high-quality, unprocessed low-glycemic carbs abd plant-based proteins and fats.