Friday, November 28, 2008

Grant a Wish This Holiday Season!

If there's any program ever planned and thought about and that I consider noble, - it's the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registryprogram. This program is established by Sears to provide support to our veterans, military service members and their families through the help of joint various non-profit organizations. This joint effort is being expanded through Sears by enabling Americans to fulfill the holiday wishes as their way of giving thanks to our military heroes as well as their families for the sacrifices they do or have done.
Everybody of us can help in our own little ways, - that's what the essence of the true spirit of the season. Helping these heroes is a noble deed. Don't you know that when you extend a helping hand in no matter what kind, you are a hero as well? Aren't we glad we are all heroes when helping others are just our own way of getting a feeling of fulfillment? This holiday season, these all happens through you! By giving your contributions to the Heroes at Home program online, you are helping fulfill holiday wishes of 30,583 military families. Donations that are made to the Wish Registry will be given as Sears Gift Cards and are not tax deductible. Contributions which you can even think as small are always huge help to many.
It's time to start the spirit of giving and see how far a wish can go.