Monday, March 14, 2011

Providing an Excellent Customer Service

In business, providing good customer service is often a matter of common sense, but it doesn't mean it comes naturally to all business owners.
If you are one who has to adjust your attitude to a better one, here are some vital tips to care for your customers:

A great customer service begins in you. If you show good example to your customers, they will mimic it.

Consider hanging on the wall a set of core values,-principles which include customer service ideals. Then, share them during training, have the employees sign them, then evaluate employees based on the values. "Don't call these principles rules."
Training employees should be intensive with written materials, verbal instruction, mentors and on-the-job demonstrations should be part of the course work.

Treat employees as they would have their employees treat their customers. If employees know they are appreciated and are a vital part of the team, they are willing to go the extra mile.
Show "intense interest" to your employees, in their families and their welfare. It's also important to give recognition to an employee publicly for a job well done.

Ask open-ended questions to elicit a customer's needs. Once they're identified what they want, use their words throughout the process. If prospect is "just looking" don't press further. But you need to be within earshot or eyeshot, because every retail sale involves a re-approach.

Small gestures such as offering a cold glass of water on a hot day or children's area with toys can go a long way toward winning customers.

Consider a personalized thank-you note after a deal of sale, or even a follow up phone call monthly or so later.