Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About Cars and Beyond

There are so many things to talk about cars. Even nowadays that gas prices start to soar, car lovers would just always be the same, lol!

Anyway, there is something worth talking about the Ford Transit Connect. This is of course larger than your ordinary car and is designed as a commercial vehicle. Heavy on utility, but light on creature comforts, that is.

If you want to get updated about the latest on Infiniti Ex35 Crossover, feel free to browse on the news stories from the High Gear Media Network.

Also, there seem to be lot of more models coming for the lexus, too. Of course, the latest 2011 model is out, and you can conveniently and easily browse all about this car, from photos to reviews and prices, and more.

We currently have a chevy stuck in our garage for a while. This car had to retire, but we're planning to either trade it in and get a more recent model, or just buy a new model. We still love LinkChevrolet! The one we have had been good to us on the road for almost 15 years without any problems.

So if you're into car browsing and plan to get a new one someday, you'll get all you need to know at Car Connectin. Keep browsing!