Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Select a Good Stationery

Although email and texting are the most popular forms of media nowadays, there are still plenty of occasions when a note on a stationery feels special and worthy.
Someone's reflection of personal style is shown on the type of stationery being used, something email doesn't have.

So, the first thing to consider in selecting your stationery is to know your options. Consider the fonts, borders, colors, monograms, icons, envelopes, etc...
Something that can help would be to try to go through samples. This way, you would know which ones are you attracted to, whether you prefer brighter colors or pale paper, simple fonts or artistic, and much more.

Get a feel for it. Many prefers to feel a heavy, cotton paper with an eggshell or with smooth finish. Some still use ordered letter sheets usually done twenty years ago, and today, most people opt for versatile correspondence cards which can accomodate few lines of thanks or any other messages.
Consider choosing colors how the lettering and the paper would match each other.

Consider your audience when choosing a stationery as well. There are several options to choose from depending on the occasion you're having.