Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dealing With A Racist Boss

One way to assess if your boss is being discriminatory is to document all of it, like as to what, when, where and how. This way, it will help answer why. Daily journal containing objective and relevant facts are vital as well, but be sure it is not on a company letterhead, email or electronic devices.

You can then seek the help of a trusted friend , career coach or mentor to review the facts with you, and seek advice whether you have enough case to take your claim to HR. Read the employee manual as well to learn company protocol.

if for instance that your boss utters a racial slight, pull the person aside and calmly say, "your comment is inappropriate. Let's keep our relationship on a professional level." Some bullies will back down when confronted.

Take your complaint to the HR and be sure that all facts are documented and make sure you at least tried to resolve the problem before it escalated. Take note that HR's role is to protect the company.

When you think it's time to go, be sure to know when. It's time when you have enough money to continue your livelihood. If your facts are documented, use them to negotiate a severance agreement. Take time to look at the company's culture. Is your case only an isolated incident? or is racism either explicitly or implicitly encouraged? If it's the latter, analyze how soon you could land another job.

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