Saturday, December 3, 2011


Authored by Leandro Delgado

My favorite infomercials of all time always show up on the Golf channel on direct tv. They always are showing the newest and best golf clubs in the world. I am always left trying to figure out how I could possibly purchase all the clubs that they are selling. The infomercials show professional players and golf instructors using certain clubs to help improve their game. Whether it’s a weighted driver for improving swing speed, or a grip for the club to make your hands more comfortable, I am always interested in improving my game somehow. The instructional videos that come along with the golf training tool or golf club are always what gets me to want to purchase it. They show interviews with people about the training tool, and how their game has improved by using it. Now, every time I go into the PGA Superstore or Golfsmith, I look for the golf clubs that I have seen on television. Of course, anything could really help my golf game out, considering I still have yet to even come close to shooting par.