Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The "Tough" Strategy Talks To Have With Your Boss

No matter how confident you consider yourself is, I bet you would feel still a little nervous when you have to talk to your head honcho. Being calm (even if you are faking it) on the other hand and at the same time you remain focus on the work, your boss maybe thanking you as you exit from his office.
Here are some helpful strategies to follow if you think it's time to meet your boss face to face!

Situation: You are overwhelmed with a capital O, and need your boss to help you prioritize.
The Best Time To Ask: Better start it before you reach your choke point.
Be sure to be straightforward and leave emotion out of it. For instance, you might wanna say " I wanna continue focusing on other things you think really matter. Can we review the projects I'm working on to see which are most important to you?"

Situation: You want a raise.
Best Time To Ask: At least a month or 2 before your performance review and after well-received projects.
Don't attempt to come up with a number, and in tough times, no one will give a raise just because you want it. You might wanna say; "I'm really trying to establish the growth of my career and I'd like to earn more. Can we talk about how I could increase my salary here?"..This is ideal, as long as you don't do it every 2 months.

Situation: You want to get promoted.
Best Time To Ask: When you feel confident that you're ready for the next step, and you're really sure about it.
Wait for the right opportunity. Be sure to make it about the company and not your need to redecorate your apartment. Always ask your boss what success looks like in the position you want to have, and say; - "Let me think about how I can best achieve it.

Situation: You need to tell your boss you're pregnant.
Best Time To Ask: In this case, you're not asking but simply telling him.
Strategy: Ease the transition, and make your boss feel like she can count on you, so reassure him/her that you're committed to working until close term and returning after maternity leave. Never try to hide your bump until the last minute.

Situation: You want an upgrade from cubeland to an actual office.
Best Time To Ask: When your work requires privacy and you're feeling thick-skinned.
Humility is the key. If your job requires a confidential work or several important deadlines per week that require quiet focus, play up those things, but the word "deserve" shouldn't be in the conversation. Be realistic.

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