Monday, October 6, 2008

Men’s Professional Fashion

My hubby wears suit at work. In fact, he has been buying suites recently since he moved in to his new job this month. I couldn't really imagine when one time he ordered his suits online (he needed them urgently) so he can have something to wear the following week. The delivery was not as soon as expected and so there was a week delay which was made him pissed off. :(.
By the way, the suits are ready-to-wear since he needs them urgently. Well, that wasn't the only hassles he had to undergo. After he got the suits, he still had them adjusted to the tailor before he could finally wear them!
I'm so glad, I found this site My Suit Made to Measure is absolutely perfect for my hubby, so this is really worth recommending for him. The good news is that to make him know that this is not expensive as some other brands are, because they cost no more than any one of the
'off the rack" prices.
I know my husband is much more expert when it comes to suits such as his style and comfort as well as how the price goes depending on the style and quality he chooses. But overall, this site really matches his taste of style and comfort, so I will recommend this site for him.
He loves to wear dark to medium type of colors with either 2-button or 3-button styles. He also loves to wear lighter ones.
The My.Suit Experience provides an outstanding steps to lead the customer to choose the perfect suits for them. From the measuirng to fabric selection, steps and instructions are perfectly clear, and the best thing is - as you go along with the guide, you will be guided through each step by a consultant. So, no worries even.
Visit to make your appointment. They have been tested for over 40 years of manufacturing and retailing experience selling made-to-measure suits at close to off-the-rack prices, and a division of one of the largest suit makers in the world.