Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Surprising New Risk for Heart Disease

Watch out for these 3 hidden causes:
  • DIRTY AIR. Living in a city with polluted air can raise a woman's risk of a fatal heart attack by 76%, a new study found. Tiny soot particles may slip through your lungs into the bloodstream, possibly damaging vessels. Try to avoid outdoor activities on dirty-air days;
  • THE BLUES. Feeling depressed can actually thicken artery walls, according to a research. It's one more reason to get help if the blahs last longer than a few weeks.
  • RESTLESS NIGHTS. Previous research has linked sleep apnea to heart disease, but even people without full-blown sleep disorders may be at risk. A recent Swiss study found that bouts of disrupted sleep-from garden-variety snoring, restlessness or other interruptions-are associated with increased blood clotting, a risk factor for heart disease. If you're always tired or routinely toss and turn, see your doctor.