Friday, October 10, 2008

Travelling with a Dragon

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

I consider myself a traveller, and at the same time a blogger. So, in a way, I can relate this to my experiences in blogging and my travelling experience. Dragon Naturally Speaking, I believe is really a good helper when it comes to keeping up to date on vital thoughts and stories that you do while travelling. It's a good thing to know that this is hassle-free the fact that you don't need to write your stuffs because Dragon does it all for you. Cool, isn't it? Being a blogger myself, I have my travel blog that I update from time to time. I only rely on writing all my posts which are mostly dealing with trip itineraries - places, dates, photo captions and video clips. I actually find it difficult doing it because of the manual postings I get to do, - trying to recall those vital details on each trip sometimes. I get messy with my notes, so I sometimes end up losing some of my notes, stuffs like that... I think I would consider getting one on this. I also think my husband would need it for his job.

The Dragon Reviews are so cool! The video is absolutely a good idea to show how it actually works. I was also able to try the Dragon’s typing speed test! Oh boy, I've discovered I can only type 41 words per minute, while Dragon is way over 373% faster. Check this guys! You'll gonna be convinced, Dragon is a good assistant ;).