Sunday, October 19, 2008

Church & Theatre- a Heavenly Connection

Recently a friend invited me to his church for a nice time of fellowship and inspiration. So I decided to go and as I got closer to the address he gave me, I began to look for a large A-frame building, brick structure or something large with stain glass windows.

Instead I arrived at one of the local theatres. I checked with one of the gentlemen standing outside and sure enough I was in the right place. The soda and popcorn stands were closed but the door to the theatre was open and no ticket was required!

I was handed my church program, snuggled into an aisle seat which is were I normally sit at the theatre, and prepared for the service.

Well it was a pleasant surprise! The music was very nice and the acoustics were great (a real asset in a theatre). I also liked the comfort of the seats (a real step up from a hard wooden pew) and the stage was high enough to see everything. I am from a protestant tradition so the single cross on the table was fine with me.

I left thinking what a great idea and then I discovered that the theatre setting can be used for many events in addition to watching a film. Find out more about some vital informations on Cinemeetings and Events on their site. In addition, there is a theatre church conference coming up soon which you might want to attend. Find out more out how your church could benefit from the theatre experience.

See you at the theatre for inspiration this Sunday!