Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogging All The Way!

Lately, I had been spending a lot of time working on my blogs. I've learned to analyze managing several of them is not a joke, and perhaps 1 or 2 blogs are enough. From these blogs, only 1 so far is considered functioning actively. No big fuss about it since I don't update the others.

Currently, I got so interested with these paid blogging sites, and I saved some of them in my favorites after joining. I love blogging, and to think of it that I joined several paid blogging sites, I thought this must be a good way of earning a lot of money by just blogging. I was wrong! It's not that easy. While I tried to register at least 3 - 5 blogs in many of the paid blogging sites, I discovered that in order to become a legitimate member of the sites, your blogs should be active, mostly they would require 90-days old blogs with at least 2 - 3x posts a month, etc. Well, I ended up submitting 1 blog which happened to be the only one active and functioning according to page ranks, and engine searches. All the rest are unsearchable and doesn't have any PR (page rank) and no or low traffic.

I am still starting wayback below, but I don't mind about it. As I go along continously surfing about these stuffs, I am continually picking up vital informations on what to do and what to improve when it comes to blogging and managing blogs. Next would be page rankings, search engines, traffics, etc...aaahhhh, I still get bad headaches analyzing those! I still am a newbie on these, but I am hoping I can catch up with the latest craze about the ever getting popular world of paid blogging techniques!

I am blogging all the way starting today!