Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sneakiest Consumer Scams, Beware! - Part 2

Scam #3: "There's a problem With Your bank Account".

The trick: You receive a message through phone or email telling you about a "problem" with your account that can be only corrected by giving your Social Security number, account number, or online password to a false email address or website, enabling identity thieves to steal your identity.
there is one recent email "security alert" claiming to be from Bank of America reportedly directed victims to "reconfirm" their account information by leading the victims to a fake Bank of America website and let them enter their online banking ID and password.

Another trick: A local court officer calls to threaten you an arrest because you didn't show up for jury duty, even though you weren't previously notified; The scammer then tells you to straighten things out by providing your name and SSN.
These phishing scams have victimized an estimated 1million PC users and lost about $2.1 billion for 2 years. According to FTC, this type of scam (ID theft) ranks no. 1.

What to do: NEVER respond to an unsolicited request for personal information such as bank accounts even if it appears to be a business you deal with. Try to get the name of the requesting company or agency and hunt down the phone number independently, then initiate the call.