Monday, November 30, 2009


Yesterday, when I checked this blog, my anti virus software suddenly popped up saying it is virus infected. I suspected I might have clicked some links on my message box that has virus on it thus the reason why my message box is no longer visible. However, I thought it was primarily on the IFramer as it says on my antivirus software, and I thought, it must have been on my layout??? I have this layout for quite a while and perhaps it was the cause. It wasn't an official blogger template, so I suspected it has been hacked with some malicious malware or something...I changed the template with the official blogger template and I noticed my anti virus software didn't pop up anymore.
So, for now, I still have to observe further. I love to have the message box, but for security reasons, I don't want my readers to be annoyed when they see a virus popping on my blog! It's like driving all my readers away.
To those who loves to mess up somebody's blog with virus, I don't understand what good thing can you get for doing it. You're just a pathetic loser!