Saturday, December 19, 2009

Health Secrets of the Longest-Lived People On Earth

These people love to walk and exercise. They foster strong family ties, where elders are respected. Their diet consists mostly of simple, satisfying and healthy foods such as breads, noodles, rice, grains topped with generous portions of bok choy, mushrooms, fruits and veggies. They also eat beans, seeds, nuts, fish, eggs and poultry products. When it comes to meat, they only eat a little which they consider a condiment, or at most, a side dish.
The interesting part is that they are fond of the phrase "hara hachi bu", (from Okinawa, Japan) - which means only eating until one is 80% full.
I takes your brain about 20-30 minutes to know that you've had enough to eat.
So, as you enjoy your meal, take a moment to think - "Am I almost full yet?" If so, stop eating. In just a few minutes, you'll probably feel completely satisfied - and happy that you didn't keep eating until you were uncomfortably stuffed.