Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check Your Environmental Facts!

Here's the good news:
  • According to a study from Finland, human urine mixed with wood ash makes a safe and efficient fertilizer.
  • Places with banned smoking policy in public venues had a 17% drop in heart attacks a year later and with a 36% reduction after 3 years basing on the analysis of Europe and North America studies.
  • The world's first shark sanctuary was created as announced by the Pacific nation of Palau. This was created by a ban on commercial shark fishing in its waters, and the area is larger than France! :)

...and the bad news:
  • Locust outbreaks occur more often during warm, dry periods and that climate change could increase their frequency, based on findings from Chinese scientists.
  • Based on a Cardiff University study in UK, children who ate sugary foods were more likely to commit violent crimes as adults.
  • Fifty percent of people who do wild games have more lead in their blood than those who do not, according to a study by CDC. Likely, the source of the metal was the lead ammunition used.