Friday, February 6, 2015

Ways How You can Take Your Work Seriously

If you want to be successful and at the same time be well respected by your co workers and/or superiors, One vital aspect to consider is to develop an executive presence instead of focusing on your age and title.

Some tips that might help;

Make sure you are clear enough in communicating with your people. For instance, be sure that your email is completely covered with all the points about a topic in one single email, instead of sending bunch of emails with scattered thoughts. Broken, short ideas gives the impression that you lack focus in your thinking.

Be confident enough to be visible by sitting infront and at the center during a meeting. Sitting of the side reflects you are not confident. Be brave enough to be seen and heard.

During a meeting, taking notes on paper is highly preferred rather than doing it on your phone. It can send a message that your focus is nowhere and may be misunderstood as you're texting or sending personal emails.

When talking, start your message in a higher pitched tone and end it with a lower pitch. Doing it the other way around can invite more people to counter what you're saying.

Ask and assess yourself what kind of leader you want to be and what are the characteristics you want to value in a leader. Then, put some real actions behind it.