Monday, July 2, 2007

I Need A Good Sweep!

I seldom get into extensive cleaning into my office room, but suddenly, it just surprised me for being so perky doing a BIG cleaning into it last week.

I got a li'l bit crazy on how I could sweep the floor to scoop all the dirt under my table. Well, I got to use 3 kinds of brooms to sweep the dirt and dust, but either any of them did work well. It was not either a good idea using the vacuum cleaner since it's a wooden floor:

I bought this one in Missouri, thinking it would be a good dust sweeper. It is as hard as a nylon cord and makes a lot of noise when you sweep it over. It can get some lints and just sticks on it, but I still have to remove the lint on it...hassle and time consuming. See that floor? That's my office room floor!

I thought this one was probably better. But it's almost the same as the first one. Besides, this is exclusively for my kitchen.

I ran down into the garage and get this broom as it might help me with a good grip....I ended up hitting my forehead at the tip of its handle. (a witch broom..that is!) I really don't enjoy this job, as much as I ended up frowning, and still dust was everywhere in the room.

Then, I thought of thinking of where to get a conventional broom (soft broom) or "walis tambo" as being popularly called in Tagalog, and is very popular in every household in the Philippines...hhhmmm, actually, I miss using this too! It's been awhile I haven't got hold of my "walis tambo" that I use at home in the Philippines.

This is the broom called "walis tambo" proudly made in the Philippines. Many of these are being made in Baguio City and its handle has actually the name Baguio City. Its bristles are really soft and long, and can scoop all the dirt and dust in a flat floor. A Philippine household seems not to be completely clean without this! So, it's always a MUST for every household. Pretty cool! because vacuums are not that commonly used, not unless your floor is fully carpeted.

Now, I felt better! Whew!