Friday, July 6, 2007

My Multi-media Accessories & Gadgets

Since I have been into lots of blogs and website makings, it's just good to know that the gadgets and stuffs I have been using have been ever so reliable to me...a good help, from the desktop I use at home, to my laptop, up to my tiniest device I personally use, so that wherever I go, the web is still just around the corner. Just trying to see these stuffs becoming so popular worldwide make me analyze how the world is fastly moving to a much more high tech world, through the use of internet. They are good and friendly as long as they are being used in the right way. Few years ago, I even had no idea about how to operate and handle those multi-media stuffs not until I began entering the worldwide web. I have analyzed you don't have to go too much formal schooling to learn these techniques, huh?

Meantime, I have added more multi-media assistants, and this time I am in the world of music making..geesh! it's not a music composer but a music converter, more on music compressions and other stuffs, etc.

I just bought an MP3 music maker which is really  good. Price is good and you can get it for only $30. Not really bad, because I can still use this to add MP3 music on my MP3 player as well.

This comes in a CD which is downloadable on your PC. Once you have it, you can convert all your audio CD's into MP3 songs and save it on your MP3 players or ipods or even on your cell phones (as long as it can play music) if you want.
...and here's my sony MP3/MP4 player which I recently bought in the Philippines. It can handle thousands of MP3 songs, and can also handle videos. You can save at least 2 movies here as long as you have the big memory card in it. (Cute no?) It was really a good idea carrying it with me because I am now having the songs that I like saved in it in an MP3 format which I saved from my audio CD's. Actually, the charger works in the Philippines, but not here since we have a different electric outlets standarized only for US. So, we got to run to a radio shack store closeby to get a US standard charger. It's good it worked!

Here's my cell phone which is also ipod convertible and a mini pc featured one. It si bulky, and heavy, but when it comes to getting to the internet.."walang katulad"!!! I decided not to do that right now because cingular seems to charge me a bit expensive rate. I'm also downloading lots of MP3 songs in it. Plus, it has a 2gigabyte memory card for more photo handling capacity.

Here's my bluetooth which is already with me wayback when I was still in the Philippines. It's now 3 years old and still working at its best. I am recommending this one for those who love to download photos or music from their cellphones to their pc's. Why? ...because you don't need any wirings to attach to when downloading. As long as your pc and cell phone is bluetooth enabled, you can send your photos within 10 meters range from any bluetooth enabled PC. Just don't forget to attach that little thing on any pc USB port, and ...presto!!! you're on thego!

And these are my two thumb drives, which I use to save ALL my music and ALL photos. The black one is 4 gig, while the other is 2 gig. They are convenient to be carried anywhere, and always of course being attached to any USB pc ports. One good feature they have is they are safely carried in your purse or pockets, without taking your CD's with you. Convenient, right?

And last but not the least, this is the memory card adapter of my cell phone. The memory card is placed inside the adapter then attached to any pc compatible with it. Another option to use just in case my bluetooth is not around, or I am downloading bunch of photos in my pc or sites.

My husband told me one time, "I won't wonder if you buy the radio shack store one time and put it inside the house"! I replied:..."don't you like it??? LOL!

We ended up both grinning...