Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back To School Shopping Rules

Having some rules as guides for back-to-school shopping is a perfect way for parents to help their kids buy their school needs and yet still within the budget. At the same time, parents can help their children develop a good lifelong financial habits in the process.

Parents can lead by setting an example when it comes to handling finances intelligently.

Here are the tips that should start a parent-kid conversation when shopping for school needs.

  • Before going to the mall, both parents and the kids should know what you can afford and can't. Make sure that a certain budget amount is set and both should stick with it.
  • Kids should make a list of things they need and both parents and kids can go over with the list for a further review. Having a list can also help kids understand of what they really need rather than what they want. It will also help them to plan and save.
  • Both parents and kids should sit down and discuss what to purchase now and what can wait until later in the school year. This way, both can take advantage for discounts and sales.
  • Using smartphone. It can help as a shopping assistant with the help of some free apps that can be used to get the best deals as well as the closest locations on a variety of items. Smartphones can also be used to scan barcodes to compare prices on the items on the shopping list, as well as it can help check availability both online and in the actual store locations closest to home.