Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Phone's Support Accessories!

Right after I bought my Iphone 6+, it looks so delicate that anytime I drop or hit it hard with any object, it might break! :) I know I sound so silly, but it was just natural for me to become over protective with this phone because it came with a pricey tag! I chose to get the unlocked one since I do travel a lot and can use it out of the country.

So, I tried looking for a casing that wouldn't look so bulky and heavy so I can carry it conveniently in my smaller purses. I actually tried looking in some stores, but I just don't like the styles as they are too thick.
I tried online, and I saw some. I saw this pair from Amazon, and one of the features say they can protect the phone from sudden hard drops and scratches. The only downside of this is, it takes a while to fit it on the phone as you have to really stretch the corners to fit in the phone's size. Same thing when you remove it. But truly, I already tested the credibility of it when I brought it in one of my trips in the Caribbean. I used my phone with the blue protective cover in taking a shot with my phone stand. The tripod was light and suddenly there was that gusty breeze that passed by, and the tripod collapsed. I was running to catch it but were not able to do it on time before it hit the floor. I picked my phone and I there was my phone, still good without any single scratch and cracks! Whew! Thank God! So, I am loving these two despite of the tight fit! ;)

I also bought another style with a cover design and a 4 pocket slots for cards or IDs or paper bills. It's actually one cool design that I like. Uniquely done. It also has a strap that will act as a support to avoid accidental drops. But I couldn't speak for myself if this can protect the phone for a scratch or sudden drop. I just hope I wouldn't drop it in anyway! I rarely use this one though, so I guess it should be okay.