Friday, September 28, 2007

Deer Creek Resort, Mt. Sterling, Ohio (Part 2)

I had a big struggle to look for a deer once more...but to no avail. I checked my video that I got from my phone, and it was not good at all. It was all blurred, and little bambi can't be seen, so I just deleted it. I wasn't able to take even a single in nada! Anyway, just to relieve me from not getting any photos for the deer, we decided to drive down to a restaurant, 15-20 miles away from our hotel. Food is good and is home cooked.I love their home style sweet tea, and hubby loves to nibble everything edible inside that restaurant, lol!


Ben & Joy's Restaurant in Mt.Sterling downtown, Ohio

Meanwhile, we bought a cup for hubby's coffee. And it's still part of his collection. I sometimes wonder where will I placed these mug collections, hah! Hhmm, if no more options, I can use his wardrobe cabinet, lol! Here's the video clip I did to him with his beloved mug!