Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Wonderful Miracle of God!

It is truly a touching story of a mother and her baby who fight for their lives, and God gave them another chance to live. It shows that God is always there for us and is still doing miracles for people's lives. God's miracles are not things of the past...it is still going on very strong up to this moment and seconds of time.

On 2/5/07 . Nancy was pregnant with her 4th child and had to have an emergency C-section. As soon as the doctors opened her up her uterus exploded. Baby Naomi had no heartbeat and was dead. Naomi was quickly revived and put on life support. Nancy lost blood, transfused twice, cardiac arrest three times- on respirator and in coma for 11 days... but they prayed and God answered!

Witness this God's true miracle!