Friday, October 26, 2007

Tag for my better-half

This tag came from Lisa. I am not into tagging that much, but since I got ran out of posts, this should get me running hahaha...

This photo of him was taken 10 years ago...sorry but he prefers giving me this one rather than the recent one, LOL! But anyway, he said it's still the real him, so he has a point there. :)
1. My husband's name is Craig. It's a popular name, so it's not a problem :) I call him
"beloved" as a sign of endearment.

2. We met online on a dating site...actually it's a chatting site. He sent me an email on my profile message box, and that was the start of it. It then progressed to calls and later on came to visit me in my own country of the same year we met. We met in person 3 months after chatting online in Manila, and then got married 6 months after being engaged! They said it was fast, but how can you be against love? :)

3.My husband is a jolly person. He never run out of jokes and has an awesome sense of humor! I never get bored being with him, and I love being with him all the time. He is blessed with wits and I can say he's intelligent, and at the same time a God-fearing person...the most understanding, softspoken person I've ever known in my life. I believe God gave him to me.

4. Our future plans of living in the Philippines someday is always at hand. My husband has a big heart and generously giving to our loved ones. He has a good heart for the Filipinos and have been planning to support or found a church or social welfare group to help indigent Filipino children and christian couples who can't barely make it. We are still praying for this.

I guess that's all about it...if this tag stops on me, I guess I am running out of somebody to whom I can tag this! LOL!

Have a happy weekend everyone!