Saturday, October 20, 2007

Running out of posts!

I received 6 blogs opps in one of my paid blogging sites the other night. I accepted all of them and now I am having a dilemma, lol!

Well, they require me to post each opps in between two non paid posts. I only got 48 hours to post the 6 opps, and I still have to post any regular blog (non paid). Gosh, that made me ran out of what to post!

It so happened I only have one active blog for this and so I couldn't get to post these opps to my other blog sites like here for example ;) I am currently and continously updating this blog for future use, but so far it's still pending for approval.

Oh my, oh my! Now, my husband is helping me to the rescue! hahaha...

My only wish is to add this blog on my paid blogging sites someday, to make it more active and running! {{{Praying hard!}}}