Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shopping for Less

I have been going around lately for some shopping for our coming trip to the Philippines. Aside for some "pasalubongs", I also shop for myself, and for home. I was able to get some for our loved ones in the Philippines. We thought they don't need to be super expensive, as mostly are kitchen accessories, and some house decorations. ..(in time for christmas). All those were well taken cared of and so, they are just waiting to be packed inside our suit cases.

Meantime, I was able to get a very nicely elegant curtain for only $10. bucks. I think original price for that in some department stores would be $20 bucks or even more!

It was the only one left on the shelf, and so I grabbed it! It so happened that it matches with our couch so, it was good!

I just recently discovered, there are lots of stuffs in Big Lots! aside from the famous dollar stores for cheaper items. I'm not promoting Big Lots, but the items are still of good quality regardless of the cheaper price. Good thing is, it's just very close to home, so it would always be good getting a drive down there to buy some more "pasalubongs"! Not bad after all!