Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogging and Clicking

My laptop's going crazy because of this...I mean, there are some stubborn cookies that are making my pc slow, although I have my norton security software. I signed up for PTC sites and PTR's and so that was it.

Anyway, I still am carefully watching for bad spywares.My norton has antispyware, but not with stubborn cookies. I just get to manually clean it.

I am not giving up my PTR and PTC's, seem they are good supplements for my paid blogging. It's not a fast earning income, but when it accumulates, it's still money! LOL! And I already can request payment from my other PTC site, although I have been clicking for more than a year, LOL! But, am letting it go up til I reach 100 bucks. That would be worth it.