Monday, October 29, 2007

Upsetting News...and venting!

As I was talking to my mom on the phone last night, I remembered asking her if she already got her plane ticket from a cousin who offered help to book for her a ticket. My brother is getting married in Laguna, so mom has to get her ticket before November 10, the date of my brother's wedding. It so happened that my brother gave the money to this cousin because he said he trusted her. The money was given first week of October, and until now my mom can't seem to get a straight answer from her. She said she already booked it, but mom was wondering why she can't give her the ticket!

This might be an unpleasant thing to hear but I told mom and my brother that I don't trust her when it comes to money. I am aware she is my cousin, and is a relative, and I love her being a cousin, but I don't trust her when it comes to money. She can make stories, and lies, and if you'll fall into it, you'll gonna end up a victim of fraud!

I told mom to resolve this as soon as she can before the plane gets fully booked. At the same time, I told the story to my husband and he got upset.

Hubby will be calling the airline tomorrow to confirm if mom was booked. That way, we can also know if she was really telling the truth that she already booked it. I am thinking, it's 95% that my cousin is lying!

This is an issue that gets to be resolved if ever she would be caught lying and just making my mom so stupid! Just in case, I can't seem to imagine slapping once face!! am hoping not.

{{{Vent ends!}}}