Wednesday, June 18, 2008 is a SCAM!!!

I was a member of this site, and the fact that they will pay you 10 bucks for each assignment is really a good deal. I paid $29.95 to be a gold member and to receive the $10 worth assignment everyday.
The first email I received is that I will be paid after 2 months through paypal. Two months came, and I received another email saying that they will no longer send the payment through paypal but through check. I emailed them back, asking when will I receive my payment. Then, another email came that says before I can receive my payment, I have to send them a W-9 form fo tax purposes, etc... I got pissed! They didn't mention all of these on their site or on their FAQ's. They keep on changing their policies and they do it by the time you are about to receive your first payment due.

I didn't wanna risk sending them the form because it has all the important data in there such as my SSN#, etc. and I have to send this to a company which doesn't sound to have credibility on their policies. So I emailed them again asking an expalanation, twice...and now ALL my emails came unanswered. The last email I sent was asking about a refund, but still no answer.

Now, I am not after the $29.95 fee anymore. It's no big deal. The big issue is that many people will still be paying them a fee only to be scammed. The reason why I am warning everybody not to give in to the membership fee.

Don't join this site...DATAPROCESSORS.ORG IS A SCAM!!!!