Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photo Greetings for Family and Friends

We received photo greetings last Christmas from two couples from our friends. With that, I thought of why not sending one for my family in the Philippines. I and my husband travel a lot. And speaking of photos, we have tons! :). There are good photos of ours to choose from so, it's not a problem putting some photos on a different photo greeting cards. I am actually thinking of making one for Christmas...the thing that says; "From my family to yours on Christmas" written on front. And I think it is always ideal to make it as a photo calendar with the calendar in the inside of it. That way, they can still use that all year out with our photo on it. Cool! At the same time we are on the wall (perhaps?) the whole year as well. :). A Red Pinstripe Holiday Photo Card is an ideal example that I want. Simple but elegant looking. We don't have kids, so it's ideal for just a couple photo. Then, I can just put our photo together having fun in the snow...there were quite some shots of us which look cute in the snow cuddling together! :).
Photo Cards are really the best idea we can have to send some for our families and friends as well. We receive many Christmas cards every Christmas, so it's just proper to send them back one that is worth cherishing, and there's no other thing a photo can replace when it comes to keepsakes.