Friday, August 1, 2008

Center your clay

Are you a ceramic art hobbyist? Does your school offer ceramic programs? Or do you know any friend of yours who need one for his/her contemporary clay studios? Well, it's time to get to know about this centering device by the Quick Center System.
Nowadays, ceramic programs in schools are even offered as early as elementary grades. Even a teacher without any throwing experience can still teach students to use Quick Center. This is a method of a revolutionized system for throwing on the potter's wheel. It greatly helps reduce the frustration for many enthusiasts who experience this at first because it clearly eliminates free-hand centering by cutting an exact plug of clay making it locked and centered to the wheel head.
By August 2008, the Quick Center System will become available in the market, although pre-orders are being taken by calling AMACO/Brent customer service provided on the site or by emailing them. How it works is really very simple. Mainly, the goal is making a perfect aim of centering on the potter's wheel.
To clearly understand how the Quick Center system works, you might want to watch some videos for demonstrations on the new products for the potter's wheel.