Friday, August 1, 2008

National Potters Exhibit and Conference

For potters enthusiasts, there should be a great event you should look forward to;- the National Potters Exhibit and Conference which will be held in Inidianapolis and hosted by the American Art Clay Company. Polymer Clay Technique Books which can also be bought online can further make you discover fun working with polymer clay.

When it comes to clay potter wheel, Brent wheels are considered to be the world's most popular wheel due to their high quality strength and durability, reversible electronic speed control as well as Brent offers the best service in the industry. They also offer five year warranty on Brent wheels and two year warranty in Amaco wheels. You might as well be interested on their special offer of $70 gift of Amaco Glazes when you buy a Brent wheel.

When it comes to glazes, AMACO is the leading manufacturer of lead-free glazes, considered to be safe for children. They are also suitable for use on food or drink containers and are certified dinnerware-safe. It's always a good idea to know more about glazes, so feel free to read the glaze information provided on the site, as well as in the PDF format.