Saturday, August 16, 2008

They're Famous!

Have you watched the movie "pineapple Express"? I haven't but in relation to this, I came across an article about what they called a fake weed smoke-out parody at the 2008 MTV Awards and also was used throughout the movie "Pineapple Express."
International Oddities that sells non-tobacco legal bud smoking products has indeed made its way into the world of Hollywood movies where most of the products were used mainly in the scenes. Products from International Oddities, Inc. (aka) I.O. are intended for tobacco alternative use.

Many Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Chris Brown, Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith and Ann Hathaway, including many other customers of I.O. are just amazed by the remarkable aroma of the product. Their smoking line is considered to be unique and innovative that makes the public get that initial shocking experience upon learning about the legal bud smokes.

No wonder, they are the top 10 legal buds in the world! For over 2 decades, I.O. is considered to be the original legal bud smoke shop and is the innovator of the legal bud industry! Industry insiders that were in a trade show recently had shared their opinion about one of the pleasurable smoking line offered by I.O. such as Krypto and Panama Gold Bud represents the future of smoking in America.