Friday, March 13, 2009

Dolphins' Magic Bubbles!

Hey guys, have you seen this video with Charles Gibson about the Dolphin Bubbles? This recent video was aired on ABC World News, but if you didn't see it yet, watch it and you will be amazed how these fantastic creatures create bubbles and play with them :).
If you happened to be going to Seaworld in Orlando, you can go and see them at Dolphin Cove as they artistically create and play with their underwater bubble rings. That makes me so curious and excited going back to Orlando once again and visit Seaworld!

I would always love looking at dolphins. The last time I had fun seeing them was in San Diego-Saworld and I had actually an interaction with them! They are intelligent creatures and they are so expressive. Just by merely looking at their face, they would always appear to be smiling at you. it's matter how you would be upset, sad or frowning that day, - but try looking at the dolphins and you would end up smiling as well, LOL!

I can say dolphins are one of the most lovable mammals on earth. They have a high level of understanding people and they easily learn things. It's like they have a mind of their own just like human mind. Perhaps if I would be given the chance to do a research on animals, dolphins will be on top of my list. Ever since I started travelling and visiting zoos and aquariums, there's always that thing in me to spend my time looking at them, and I always have been looking forward for a deeper interaction with them!...and yes, I wanna swim with them! :).

For those who want to see the video one more time, here it is: