Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your Foot Doctor Says...

  1. Heel Spurs - Also known as plantar fasciitis, these happen when you aggravate the thin band of tissue under your heel. Stretch it out (and ease the pain) by rolling a tenis ball underoot every morning when you wake up. Don't slip.
  2. Calluses - These protective layers of dead skin can crack if they get too thick, so gently shave them down once a month with a nail file after you shower. Go easy filing off too much skin can make those dogs vulnerable.
  3. Fungal Nails - Antifungal spray powders are the best treatment, but you can prevent these nasty nails altogether by remembering to dry off your feet. That's five seconds a day for human-looking digits.
  4. Ingrown Toenails - You could have avoided this mess by cutting your nails squarely across rather than round and deep down into the nail bed. To promote blood flow, soak it in Epsom salt.
  5. Athlete's Foot - The root of athlete's foot is moisture, so let your feet (including the spaces between your toes) air out once per day for 5 minutes.