Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Philippine News: Is There Any Difference?

I've always been longing to hear all about my country, food, people, places, culture, entertainment, etc. The main reason why I am a TFC (The Filipino Channel) subscriber. Although I am now 9,000 miles away from it, I would always love to go home to my beloved country...perhaps it's because I am and would always be a Filipino!

I would always watch entertainment shows, soap operas, talk shows but not any about political news. Well, actually there are some part of the news that I like to get updates like showbiz, or anything that would be helpful.

I have observed political news are becoming worst in the Philippines. Everytime I hear about it, it sounds like a repeated voice recorder, talking about corruption, money misuse and they all center on our political personalities, police officers, government employees...and it has been always a news you will always hear!

There would be debates about corruption cases in the senate, congress, ombudsman, representatives, etc... name all kind of debates about any case, and most government officials are busy debating. Sometimes, these politicians argue in long talks, while many major problems that need to be addressed as a priority are never touched!

My goodness! News such as that makes me sick hearing it!...Many filipino government officials are busy trying to impeach the Philippine president. Is that the kind of work they want to do? I am wondering what have they done for my country which is dying of hunger because the leaders are so busy debating and arguing about nonsense things.

Come on government leaders! Get those ass moving, go out and try to solve my country's real problem. Sitting on that soft, comfortable chair with a nice AC on your office doesn't solve our country's problems. Stop those intelligent sounding long talks just to impress people. It doesn't work and it's not the answer!

Whew! When can they wake up?