Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smoking Benefits After You Quit

For sure mostly if not all would probably wonder how soon does quitting smoking can benefit them. Here are some facts you need to know before you can say "it's not working" or you are about to give up:
  1. Blood Pressure - 20 minutes. According to, after a few minutes, your blood pressure returns to normal levels.
  2. Taste and Smell - 2 days. Keep it up for 48 hours and your senses of smell and taste return, while your risk of having a heart attack begins to decrease.
  3. Bronchial Tubes - 3 days. After 72 hours, the bronchial tubes relax and your overall energy levels begin to increase. You can walk up stairs again! :).
  4. Heart Disease - 1 year. In 12 months, the probability of having a heart attack drops by half. So, no more of that "I can't watch The Shining because of my heart!" crap.
  5. Stroke - 5 years. At this point the likelihood of your brain getting punk'd returns to that of a nonsmoker. (Now you can stop pricing wheelchairs!)
  6. Lung Cancer - 10 years. After a decade your odds of a death sentence return to non-smoker status. Five more years and your heart attack risk falls to ordinary levels.