Saturday, May 2, 2009

How To Shuffle Poker Chips

  1. Pile Up. Start with a stack of 8 chips. Split the chips into 2 stacks of four, and push them together so all the edges of the 2 stacks touch.
  2. Get a Grip. Grasp both stacks with one hand, your thumb pressed against one stack, middle and ring fingers against the other. Place your pointer on the thumb stack, near where the 2 piles meet.
  3. Hold Tight. With your pointer finger, lift the thumb stack while pushing both stacks together with your thumb, middle, and ring fingers. Now raise your hand straight up, keeping the thumb stack on top.
  4. Mix Well. As you lift your hand, the stacks shuffle into each other. Once the chips are in a single alternating stack, push them together, so your money will be tidy when the casino takes it away.