Monday, May 18, 2009

Shark-Fishing, Anyone?

Gear up! Here are your shark-snaring essentials.

1. Shakespeare Tidewater Bigwater Rod - tested for 130 pounds of weight, this fiberglass fish stick with heavy-duty stainless-steel guides can drag in almost anything that dares to take a bite. Just make sure your guns are pumped or else you'll be in for a frustrating afternoon of tug of war.

2. Mustad Circle Hook - Want to avoid ripping open the stomach of your catch - potentially killing a fish you don't even bring on board? Try a circle hook, which slides out of the shark's stomach and pierces his jaw.

3. Penn Special Senator Reel - To pull aboard a sea monster that's been ruling the deep for thousands of years, use a precision-machined spinner that won't fail you at the last second.

4. Alutecnos The Pro Fighting Harness - If you think those puny appendages you call arms can haul in an eight-foot tiger shark all by themselves, go ahead and try, tough guy! If your rod doesn't get yanked overboard, strap on this back-reinforcing harness to help pull in your prey.