Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5th Annual Dark Sky Festival

There will be a big event about a move to deter light pollution. It's a festival called Dark Sky Festival which is set for April 5, 2008 (Saturday) at Harmony's Town Square in Florida. You might be wondering what this festival is all about. Primarily, its aim and mission is to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting. The festival is set for kick offs with the start of National Dark Sky Week which is set aside to deter light pollution by encouraging people to do better overall outdoor lighting practices. National Dark Sky Week is more on educating the public about using lighting fixtures that helps in reducing lighting pollution. People won't get bored because of the fun side of it, there will be music provided by Motown artists, Rare Earth. Watch out for this Motown fans!...this is your day too :). Plus other fun activities not only for kids but adults as well such as star viewings via telescopes, a kids' zone, and some speakers that would be talking about Myths in the Night. Dark Sky Festival has created very important role in protecting dark skies from light pollution. The celebration which includes exposing the general public to the marvels of astronomy has always been gaining success and the Harmony town Square where this event is usually held is in an area rated as Class 4 on the bortle scale of light pollution. This is a festival worth recommending to visit because of its goals and missions, don't you think?