Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cosmetology Courses With Regency

Regency Beauty Institute had gone a long way when it comes to providing beauty education to all its deserving students. No wonder, they are now one of the nation's leading beauty schools and still expanding.
Regency Beauty Institute primarily exists because of their students. It exists so that they can be able to deliver strong technical platform and provide creative freedom to the students.
With the current ongoing expansion, you can now visit a cosmetology school in Texas, which is not just a typical beauty school. It is considered to be a school built with modern, salon-like style managed by professionals. If you are based in Texas, the good news is that Regency Beauty Institute has currently 7 campus locations in the state and soon will be opened at Round Rock and Houston. Beauty life will just be getting better and better in Texas, don't you think? ;)
Hey, and did you know that regency graduates are widely recognized and highly sought anywhere throughout the US? So, start enriching your career now. Regency might be the perfect place for you!