Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Protect Your Dogs From Cold!

Your dog's natural fur cot may still have its limits during the winter. Dogs are not recommended to be taken out when the temperature is 20F or lower, unless for a quick toilet trip. (For cats: don't let them out. They can't tolerate that cold!)
Protect your doggies while he's out by shoveling a path to his favorite spot so he won't have to walk through the snow.
Be sure to check his shelter if he lives outside, and make sure the shelter is off the ground. Insulate it with dry straw and blankets. If the temperature is below 20F, let him inside your home.
Always keep your doggie leashed during cooler temperatures because dogs tend to lose their scent and go missing in the snow.
Call your vet if your dog shows sign of frostbite. Signs can be skin turning into red, white, gray or black or that he's limping on his foot. You should let him inside and never let him out if you suspect he has frostbites.