Thursday, April 22, 2010

How's Your Social Networking Etiquettes?

In every social networking sites, it's either a helpful site for your career (or peer relationship) or you are annoying people in the process.
So, for example, "how is your Facebook manner?" Are you minding it? Are you following proper social-networking etiquettes?
If a networking site is designed to help members advance their careers such as LinkedIn and Plaxo for example, it's just okay to post your career updates. So, know your place.
If you are in a site such as Facebook, try to avoid bothering work connections with a barrage of personal details. Use privacy settings to limit their access to nonwork parts of your profile.
Share info, not hype. Show your expertise, not accomplishments. One or two work-related updates daily should be a maximum for most sites (except Twitter).
Don't accept a friend request from someone whom you don't know. If you're interested to connect with someone whom you never know, try finding things you have in common.
Ask your contacts/friends to be fans of your projects, but NOT to ask them to be fans of you personally.
Try adding personal message to your friend requests. Don't friend business contacts you've never met.
Create a Facebook page for business, but DON'T automatically import friends to that page.