Thursday, November 25, 2010

Find Serenity

Do you want to become stress-less this year ?

Even if you can't afford a trip to Bahamas, plan your vacation time today. You'll create better balance in your life.

Don't skip meals or deprive yourself of sleep to hit a deadline. It will lead you to exhaustion causing your body to release stress hormones. Replace moves with smarter ones such as getting the number for a good health food delivery place in your neighborhood.

Don't tense yourself on overdue bills. The trick is to become conscious of your emotions and elect to change them. It takes practice but it works.

Ask yourself what's one thing you can do now to get closer to resolving your stress. Focusing on a single task, instead of ten at a time, will ease your tension.

When stressors hit, your body undergoes for fight or flight. (you feel like sprinting from an angry lion). The appropriate response is intense physical activity which could be a quick walk around the block or sprinting a few flights of stairs for just a minute. You'll work off the stress hormones, get an endorphin release, and remove yourself from the stressor physically and emotionally.