Monday, November 1, 2010

Make Yourself Happy

  • Have a doughnut. Walk in the bakery buy a doughnut and enjoy.
  • Go ahead and vent. Shut yourself in your room for 10 minutes and let it all out, laugh, cry, scream, pound a pillow (not the cat), etc... :)
  • Say no, I don't have time to help you bake cookies; No, I can't loan you money; No, no and no! It feels good, isn't it?
  • If your alarm rings annoy you, think one upbeat thought (it's going to be the best day ever), peel back the sheets and get going.
  • Go and treat yourself a pedicure, massage or Pilates class.
  • Next time you're infront of the mirror and evil descriptors come to mind, say "Wow, I have a spectacular (say your body part)" five times.
  • Instead of skipping breakfast, invite friends over for a potluck brunch.
  • Hit a glam restaurant late, and just split creme brulee: one-tenth the price and calories of having the whole meal there.