Thursday, January 6, 2011

Working Smart

Are there thousands of emails greeting you everytime you check your inbox?
Treat it like a postal box. Empty it everytime you check it. It makes it less insane than it sounds.

Master your social-media life. Manage multiple accounts like Twitter and Facebook with minimal effort by funneling your alerts, interacting with a single interface, and designating each as either business or pleasure.

Get things done faster - one item at a time. According to a recent study, interrupted workers lose an average of 25 minutes each time they switch gears. So, multi-tasking is not a smart move.

Do time blocking to avoid distractions. Your brain needs at least 15 minutes to get into concentration to get into the zone where you're truly focused and doing your best work. Time blocking sets the stage for that to happen.

Claim your name on the web. What we do online tells possible employers more about us than a "resume" ever could. So, learn how to take the reins of your cyberself.

Making procrastination productive. The best by-product of procrastination: surging motivation-you'll do anything to avoid working on that looming project.