Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back Home in Maryland :)

I am glad to be back home. After that long hours on the plane (actually, 21 hours, including connecting flights), I was exhausted and barely had no sleep on the plane made me so groggy and sleepy. After getting home later that night of November 19, I just laid down on bed and I slept like a log! :)

Well, I ended up waking at 3am, and can't go back to sleep again. I bet I am still adjusting my sleep routine. Gosh, it's a little bit weird seeing myself going and moving all around the house as early as 3am!

It's really getting cold during the night, and I need to move more actively to get some warm up. Now, I got to wear socks again most of the time.

Thanksgiving is just a night sleep away. So, I am still busy as a bee! And still a birthday celebrant with so much work to do inside the house. I just fought boredom and tiredness by singing happy birthday to me alone. Hubby had his greetings earlier today. {wink}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!