Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Birthday is still extended! :)

We were a little bit late for church this morning, but we were glad to see our brothers and sisters in Christ meeting us. It's always a warm welcoming for us.
We love our church, and although we seldom see our church bretherens, and as much as we wanted to see and be with them because of our travels, we both feel with my husband that we are always being blessed to have them. In return of the blessings that we are having, I devoted my time to build our church website, and still am currently the website administrator of the church. It's a service I am doing for the Lord, and no matter how busy I am with some other things I need to do, I still am putting this task among my priorities , one way of serving God.

By the way, if you happen to be on the area, please feel free to visit our church and I can assure you there's a warm welcome waiting for you at the door :)

Here's our church website: Laurel Church of God (Laurel, Maryland)
Feel free to contact the webmaster (me :)) or sign on our guestbook.

Anyway, after the worship service, snacks were provided as usual. I was surprise that they bought a cake for me and everybody was singing for me "happy birthday." I then saw my husband holding the cake for me infront while everybody were singing...I was touched, and was so thankful. I really felt so blessed, and thanking the Lord for giving me another wonderful year of life.

My husband told me, I have a one month birthday celebration, so that means I still have a week for more surprises? LOL!